Mohamed Ali





Then & Now




The Royal Institute Mohammed Ali was established with a charitable, academic and cultural mandate.



The aims of the Royal Institute are to establish endowments for existing schools area within Egypt and other countries that have filed with the institution.



The Royal Institute seeks to facilitate further scholarships at universities in Europe in specialization relevant to Egypt’s social and economic development and other countries that have filed with the institution.



The sponsorship of exhibitions and publications of the legacy of Mohammed Ali (1805-1848),and that of this Dynasty, with emphasis on literature, art, religious tolerance.


The institute also adresses the contemporary issues of the mediterranean basin as it affects climate, cultural and environmental preservation and the social economics issues that affect the people who live and work on that sea and it's surrounding areas.



The foundation was founded in memory of Princess Ayn El Hayat, daughter of Ahmed Rifat Pasha, Heir apparent of Egypt 1854-1858 who founded l' Oeuvre Bénévole Mohammed Ali in 1909,a society which cared for 28 605 patients in its first year of operation. It continued to be very active, and by its closure in 1952,the annual total amount of persons treated in its dispensaries and hospitals had risen to over 1 500 000.


The founder of the Royal Institute Mohamed Ali, is H.R.H. The Prince Osman Rifat Ibrahim, the son of the late Prince Amr of Egypt and the late Princess Hibetullah Nedjla of Turkey and is a direct descendant of Mohammed Ali Pasha.